public class HelloWorld

29 Nov


This blog is here as a repository for my thoughts, notes and musings as I learn the Java programming language.  Why am I learning Java?  Well, after 10+ years as a manual Software QA professional, it’s time for me to bit the bullet and figure out exactly what it is they’re doing on the other side of the aisle.  The more I know about what these developers are doing, the more capably and thoroughly I can test their product.  I’m also looking to apply this knowledge towards software test automation.  I also know enough about the subject to know that doing it well is extremely difficult, and virtually every angle I have approached it from in the past tells me, “This would so much easier if you knew Java!”

From where I’ve sat, the Java road has always looked far too steep.  The books too damn thick and the incantations just a bit too arcane.

The heck with that.  Time to tame the Beast!

Wish me luck…  ; )




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