Type, Don’t Paste

29 Nov

My wife and I are both long time Ventures fans, to the point where “Walk, Don’t Run” was the primary theme song at our wedding.  We played the song together for years in a Boston band called The Projectiles in the mid 90’s which is how we met, but that’s not what this post is about.

This post would be a sure hit if they ever put out an album like, “Learn Java With The Ventures!”

Type, Don’t Paste.

Anyways, this is just an observation I wanted to make after working through the book “Beginning Programming With Java”, which I recommend whole-heartedly.  I did the book end to end and it’s given me enough of a foundation that all the really big books aren’t quite so scary any more.  Like many programming books, this one has all the code examples inside available for download.



When sitting down to learn Java, type the damn Java in yourself.  I was speaking with my brother on this on Thanksgiving and he expressed exactly the same idea when he spoke of learning Python.  Great minds think alike and type their own code.  Check out his outsource software QA company Vericode when you have a moment.  He’s been in the business successfully since the early 90’s and is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.  Thank you Scott!

So that’s all this post is about.  I use a bit of cut and paste when I’m playing with something like Fitnesse, where I’m trying to learn, in a way, the whole thing at a gulp.  When just sitting down doing Java from a book or something, though, type the damn code!


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