4 Dec

It’s another day and time to get another dose of Java into my system.  I’m using the book Big Java by Cay Horstman (1st Edition) which, as mentioned in an earlier post, was found at a local thrift shop for the (thrifty) sum of one dollar.  So far it’s been a great follow up to the Beginning Programming With Java which gives a quick, fun over-view.  Big Java hits all the same targets but in much greater depth.  On the menu today in Chapter 5 is decisions, if statements, code blocks, comparisons and so on.  All stuff I’ve touched on before, but the examples in this book are a good bit more involved, and the review is really helping to drive home my understanding of how these things are done.  The book is also helping me get in the habit of putting in comments and formatting them so that they will respond to the javadoc utility.

I’m using vi as my editor now instead of Eclipse.  It’s been a blast learning to use the IDE, but I think it’s better for me at this point to really get a feel for each and every line of the code, where the files go and so on, without an IDE holding my hand through the process.

I almost forgot about the title of this post.  I was perusing my Groovy In Action book recently, which I’m holding off on studying until I get a bit more comfortable with java basics, and was very pleased to find that with what I’ve learned so far it’s already making a great deal more sense to me.

I was also playing earlier with taking some of my java code and replacing the .java suffix with .groovy and then running it (without compiling) as a Groovy script.  Pretty cool!

All for now.



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