A quick trip to CVS…

6 Dec

Did some more Java practice today from Big Java, but am now taking a break to explore CVS (the content management system, not the store ; ) on my newly-risen Ubuntu Linux laptop.  I’ve also got Java and Eclipse set up on that (usually I’m working on my little Macbook Pro, which I’ve come to really love) and it’s working like a charm.

I’ve used CVS and Subversion in the past as a QA tester, but am now looking at it from an administration and development perspective in order to get a better understanding.  I’ve done some of the more basic tutorials on the web which have answered a lot of questions and raised a whole lot more.  I’m now delving into Open Source Development With CVS and learning it from the ground up. Later I’ll do the same with Subversion, and find ways to apply either one or both to my own coding efforts. Fun!

Addendum: After working with the material for a couple of hours, I must say that this online (free) book is PHENOMENAL! If you’re looking to get to know CVS yourself, don’t miss it. So many questions have already been answered, and the way the authors approach the topic makes much more sense to me than the tutorials I did earlier. You’ll want to skip briefly to the administration section to get your repository created, and then continue with the Basic Concepts chapter. Great stuff.


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