Now GIT!

10 Dec

Wow. Feeling fairly comfortable with the basics of CVS, but it gets deep fast. Still wrapping my head around what it means to merge code and how that works/looks in the real world. My online studies of CVS lead me to explore Git as well, a newer content repository system championed by Linus Thorvalds himself. I’ve explored and created a couple of test repositories of my which you can check out in all their shining glory here.

Git, so far, seems much more something that I would/will be using myself than SVN or CVS. Of course what I want to use and what potential customers and employers want to use is something altogether different, so I will continue getting familiar with SVN and CVS as well.

I really like the ease of getting set up with Git, and the way it can be used for much more than code.

I did have trouble, however, getting a sample repository set up from the command line alone. It kept behaving as though I were typing the url wrong, which I probably was, but I couldn’t quite get to the bottom of it and ended up creating the ‘FearOfJava’ repo manually via the web site as well, whereas I had originally intended to do it all via the Linux command line. Once I created it on the site, I copied the exact url they gave me there, cloned the empty repository via the command line, and now I can add files, commit and so on without a hitch. I’ll hafta sort out those details as time allows.

Right now it’s time for more (Big) Java. The book is getting really interesting now as we go deeper into designing classes (chap 7) and the unit testing and debugging in chapter 8.


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