Cool, cool Watir

13 Dec

Got a phone call this morning for a potential contract position, and as a result of some of the requirements I’m taking a closer look at Ruby and Watir for web test automation.

Cool stuff!

After the days spent studying Java, this is far less intimidating than it might have been. In fact it’s downright fun! I’ve worked with Selenium a bit in the past and I must say I like Watir a lot better. I never feel very safe with the whole ‘recording’ approach to automating a web interaction. What actually happens after a recording session and what the resulting code looks like is usually pretty disappointing. Not to put that app down though, because clearly a lot of folks are having a great time with it.

I find I’m much more comfortable, myself, coding some basic interactions in a Ruby script, running and tweaking that, and then creating test statements to verify behavior and print a simple report. I’ll be taking a much closer look now at how others are using this in real test scenarios so I can get a better idea of how to scale this up into a more complex environment.

I’m doing this on my Mac right now with Firefox, but will be working with the PC later this afternoon. The job prospect is .NET which I’ve worked with in the past but most of my recent experience is with UNIX and Java, so I’m catching up on that as well.

I’m really pleasantly surprised by Watir. I can see using this right off the bat to really accelerate my manual testing, setup for special scenarios and so on. Great stuff. Down the road I can see doing extensive regression testing and tying it all together with something like Hudson or Bamboo. More on that as it develops.


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