Dec 21, 2012 Ruby jam

21 Dec

The results of today’s ruby jam can be admired and even downloaded here.

In this riveting episode I explored Ruby objects, methods, putting a class in a separate file, class methods. populating an array in a loop, formatting with printf and other riotously interesting topics.

Also got to know Git a little (just a little, mind you) better. Found a nice, concise reference guide here which was helpful (if not a tad potty-mouthed ; ) for getting back up to speed.

What’s a Ruby jam?

Why same as a Java jam of course!

It’s just a term I like to use for a little unstructured exploration, starting with an exercise from a book or tutorial and then ‘jamming’ along with whatever ideas I come up with to make it more interesting.  Questions and conundrums arise and then fall with a bit of constructive Googling, hand-wringing and hair-pulling, bringing to light other questions and exciting options to keep the ball rolling.  Fun!


Comments are welcome!

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