4 Jan

You can see my completed homework assignment (and other mildly thrilling junk, if you back track) here.

Took me a while to realize Git (version control) integration is fouled up on IntelliJ version 12. Had to trash the .git directory and start again from the command line, but hey, that’s larnin’ for ya!

(ADDENDUM: I later found that Git integration seems to work fine on the Mac. I was on the Windows XP machine previously.)

Almost forgot to post the original assignment:

Navigation Exercise

Use the following urls (below) and navigation methods:

navigate().to() .forward(), back(), refresh()

Assert on titles to check navigation worked.

/selenium "Selenium Simplified"
/selenium/search.php "Selenium Simplified Search Engine"
/selenium/basic_html_form.html "HTML Form Elements"
/selenium/basic_web_page.html "Basic Web Page Title"
/selenium/refresh.php "Refreshed Page on ([0-9]{10})"


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