“Oh the pain, the pain…”

3 Feb

Oh the pain...

Came back to the Udemy training for Selenium/Java after a full week of Ruby on Rails shenanigans (up through chapter 7 on the tutorial) and found that…whoa! I had to re-learn quite a few things which I thought I had ‘owned’. Chiefly, css matchers stumped me at first and I had to kick my own tail to get back up to speed. Given the added complexity of the Udemy chapter dealing with frames and iframes this was no easy task! I also found some “Huh?” moments with trying to recall how to do things like WebDriverWait…ExpectedCondition… without going back to review older code examles. Suffice to say…I reviewed a lot of older examples!

Nothing like a good Skin Bracer ‘cold slap in the face’ moment to get me back in the groove of selenium.

There’s a Selenium conference here in Boston coming up this summer, so I really need to have a strong grip on the basics.


One Response to ““Oh the pain, the pain…””

  1. ScottVC March 20, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

    SMACK, SMACK! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Ah yes, sometimes you need a ‘bracer!

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