More on Sinatra

8 Feb

I completed the Sinatra tutorial and learned a great deal. There’s still so much to sink in, though, but I’m starting to get a better feel for installing gems and really using them. It’s still a little strange to me how requiring a gem in a ruby program then lets me ‘break the rules’ in all sorts of creative ways, such as letting me do a redirect (a Sinatra thing) and including a flash message along with it. Doing the same syntax without first installing the gem and then requiring it in your code will be interpreted as nonsense by Ruby.

No different, really, than configuring a java program to use JUnit or Hamcrest, but there we have the IDE taking care of most of it for us, along with the Maven POM file.

There ain’t no ‘ALT-Enter’ in Ruby or Rails to tell you what you’re missing and give you some handy options as to what to do about it!

Which reminds me that I will be auditioning the JetBrains RubyMine IDE for Ruby and Rails. At this stage of the learning game, however, it may prove more of a distraction than a real help. Still, I love the IntelliJ IDE for my Java exploits and look forward to getting a taste of something similar with Ruby and Rails.

On the flip side, I enjoy using the vi editor as well, and have it configured with syntax highlighting which looks great. My skill set with vi is very basic, though, and it would be nice to really be able to make it fly. That’s going to be a concerted effort all by itself.

Sigh. Onward!


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