Of buildings and builders…

23 Feb

I’ve been working to apply the Selenium knowledge I’ve learned with Java to Ruby, and it’s going surprisingly well, thanks to the superb design of the WebDriver documentation on the SeleniumHQ site. They give all the specifics in a multi-lingual format which lets you switch easily between Java, Ruby, Python and other languages for almost all of their example code snippets. Very nice.

I’ve decided to focus less on Java and more on the dynamics of simply using Selenium with any language. I really want to learn Ruby and get deeper into Rails. A lot of what I learned earlier is starting to click and to be honest, I dread the thought of doing it all the ‘hard way’ with Java. That said, the familiarity and experience I’ve gained in working with Java as much as I have has been invaluable. Every problem encountered has led to a greater understanding of how software is made, every little victory in understanding and accomplishment has fueled a fire to learn more.

I’ve discovered that I really enjoy building things, even if they are just small things, and that I enjoy getting some real understanding of how the big things are made, even if I may never be suitable candidate for building them myself.


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