Hash confusion illustrated

15 Mar

Just a bit of code to illustrate the different ways a hash can be expressed in Rails 3.2 and above:

 1 <h1>Hello, Rails!</h1>
  2 <%= link_to "My Blog", posts_path %><br/>
  3 <%= link_to "My Blog again", 
        :controller => :posts, 
        :action => :index %><br/>
  4 <%= link_to "My Blog (yet) again", 
        controller: :posts, 
        action: :index %>

This is a modified snippet of the sample code from one of the Ruby on Rails Guides found here. Each ‘link_to’ statement produces the same HTML link in the page served. The first (line 2) uses a rails helper, the second the older ‘hash rocket’ form and the third the newer ‘colon on the right’ form.


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