Helpers -n- Comments

19 Mar

It took some hair-pulling (okay, a LOT of hair-pulling) but I finally got comments working on the Target Cancer site. Happiness! There’s still no user authentication, so anyone can post a comment (please bear in mind the site is actually being used already if you do any poking around – which is welcome) without having to log in or anything sensible and secure like that, but…IT WORKS!

I tried to do it all by hand at first and ran into trouble, then tore it down and did it again using scaffolding to give me a head start. Still ran into trouble, but this time I eventually got past it!

Not sure I can make sense quite yet of what the trouble was, as I am still rather at the ‘flailing’ stage as a developer when things go awry. Story of my life, really. I am getting better, though, at finding the trouble spots that matter. I remember the utter cluelessness I felt when first trying to get a grip on rails basics and, well, I’m beyond that at least!

I also wrote a very simple helper method:

module ApplicationHelper

  def commentsCount(song_id)
    count = Comment.where(song_id: song_id).size


Hey, I told you it was simple didn’t I? I use it to get a count of the comments for a particular song so that the comments link can have the current number of comments for that song in parens next to it. Works great!


Comments are welcome!

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